You Get An Angel

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Alt. Title: 君は天使の手 / Kimi wa Tenshi no Te  

Shinichi Tsukasa is a therapist with an edge on the competition; he possesses a unique psychic ability called psycometry. Utilizing this talent Shinichi has managed to counsel many clients and earn himself a stunning success rate. But will his powers be enough to help him with his toughest case yet; recovering the emotions of poet Akio's young nephew Senri.

Follow Shinichi as he unravels Akio's twisted past in hopes of finding the cause of Senri's condition. Will he Find the answers he seeks? Can he handle another touch from Akio? And what are these ghostly images he keeps seeing? The answers to all these questions and more are buried deep within the pages of You Get an Angel. Are you brave enough to peek inside?