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Alt Title: deep sleep初★再録集

Love is such a complicated matter. Sometimes we fall in love randomly and sometimes we fall in love but simply cannot bring ourselves to confess. Even when we're in a relationship, there's just no telling what our partner is actually thinking...

Enjoy Juno Utagawa's new collection of complicated love stories in TNT!

Fuel: What would you do if your ex broke up with you due to your weight? Would you start working out in order to get revenge? And what if you just happened to meet a fit beautiful girl along the way...

Once A Month Girlfriend: Hirama is the manager of a hair salon, who is obsessed with her customer Uehara. Unfortunately, due to Uehara's busy schedule, she is only able to come in once a month for a haircut. What will happen when Hirama sees an opportunity and can no longer hold her feeling in check?

37.2°: Even though we're in a relationship, Miku continues to act so cold towards me. What exactly is going on inside that head of hers? How can I melt that's surrounding you and bring us closer together?

Sick Woman And Injured Woman: Nakajyou has a rare illness that often leaves her sick when she comes in contact with other people. Touma, on the other hand, always appears to have some sort of injury on her body. Nakajyou believes the injuries occur when something annoys Touma, but is it really that simple or is there more to Touma's feelings that Nakajyou just doesn't realize?

XVTH's Devil-Chan: There's a boy in the girl's bathroom?! How could Komori overlook such a thing? But what will she do when she realizes that the boy in question is actually a shape shifting devil?

(138 pages)