Miu Otsuki

Play Zone - Carnivorous Boyfriend And Lustful Angel

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Alt. Title: プレイゾーン〜肉食彼氏と快感天使〜 / play zone - nikushoku kareshi to kaikan tenshi - 
The sounds of this love penetrates deep into my heart…! 

The budding DJ Sato has been idolizing Miri, the charismatic DJ for a long time before becoming a DJ himself. Miri starts to notice Sato and his raging jealousy drives his desire to monopolize Sato all to himself. Miri forces Sato to have sex with him after their fateful encounter one night but Sato doesn’t seem to dislike it?! The series about a frustrating love triangle, "Which One Is Your Boyfriend?" is also included. Featuring a bonus episode with lots of steamy, sweet, and sexy love scenes!