Kai Nanase

My Sweet Home

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Alt. Title: マイ スイート ホーム / mai suito homu

Being a real estate agent for luxury apartments, Kazushi Fujimaru has history with an estranged lover, Takamura—Kazushi betrayed and rejected him in the worst possible way! But, lo and behold, Takamura shows up as a client several years later.
Despite everything, Kazushi hasn’t forgotten him. He doesn’t know why Takamura’s here, and he can’t hide his agitation. And then, as he’s leading a tour through the apartment, Takamura angrily shoves him down...on the bed! Find out how this crazy couple reacts after years of misunderstanding and heartbreak.
Also included are three one shots: a detective and his mystery man, two roommates hiding their feelings for each other, and a teenager with daddy issues! Watch the warm-hearted, hilarity unfold!