Marry Maiko

Love Makes People Grow

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Alt. Title: 人は愛を食べて育つ / hito wa ai wo tabete sodatsu

“A child who wasn't loved while small, when he becomes an adult remains a child.”

A timid art teacher, over forty but still confused by love, despairs of ever finding a companion. A love-starved boy watches the kindness of families all around him, but insists he doesn't need anything like that. A college student living with his long-term partner purposely tantalizes a neighbor by loudly making love. A bassist fears "weirding out" his bandmates, so he keeps his life with his male lover under wraps. A contrary professor gives himself to a self-assured colleague one night, but it’s not what either of them expect.

Marry Maiko debuts with this quiet bombshell of emotional stories!