Ako Katakura


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Alt Title: うそつきLOVER

“That’s what love is, your girlfriend should be the one to take it.”

When Sawako met Minami, they didn’t exactly meet on the best of terms. Being the energetic and often times clumsy person that she is, Sawako accidentally spilled hot chocolate all over Minami. While Sawako was freaking out about the accident, Minami couldn’t care less about the hot liquid seeping through her uniform. What stood out to Sawako was that Minami was so indifferent to the situation, as well as many other things. This led Sawako to wanting to know more about her easy-going classmate. They spend time together on the rooftop and though Minami seems indifferent at first, she soon starts to feel something special for Minami. They begin dating and the once cold and aloof Minami is now overwhelmed with emotion every time she looks at Sawako.

“The moment she laughed, my “feelings of love” overtook reason… “I want to mess her up.””

Page count: 34