Megumu Minami

Flame Of The Tropical Butterfly

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Alt.Title: 熱帯ノ蝶ハ燃エテイルカ / Nettai no Chou wa Moete Iruka

They say that the smallest movement from a butterfly's wing has far-reaching effects... and that butterflies are the souls of the dead.

In North Africa, a rocky but fated romance flutters to life while the horrible violence of World War II rages. Richter, a fragile, brilliant German scientist is a prisoner of the Allies. Grandall is an American soldier with a personal grudge against the enemy. To stay Richter's execution, Grandall makes a startling decision. When tragedy hits Grandall, Richter surprises him with an offer of comfort. These two events begin a relationship that will affect everyone. But an extreme test lies in wait as the landscape of guilt, doubt, and fear intensifies.