Mayumi Azuma

Erementar Gerade Vol. 6

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Alt. Title: エレメンタル ジェレイド / Elemental Gelade

Abandon ship! Coud’s first time on a boat doesn’t go so swimmingly as the battle continues between his crew and the assassin Grayarts. Together they may be able to take the air out of Grayarts’s sails—but with Cisqua’s itchy trigger finger set on “seek and destroy,” will there be anyone left to raise the victory flag? Meanwhile, Coud’s lack of a government ID forces him to leave the group and sneak over the border. But without Coud by her side, Ren finds herself open for attack… at the hands of none other than Ren’s stalker, Viro! Will Coud get to her in time to save her?