Satoru Ishihara

Clean a Wound

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Alt. Title: クリーン ア ワウンド / Kurin a Woundo

Twins Itaru and Hajime have no one in this world but each other. After their abusive mother disappears, they are separated and sent to live with different families. They keep in touch via letters, swearing to always be there for each other, but one day, Itaru falls in love with a boy called Ryouta.
Hajime is plunged to the depths of despair and stops reading Itaru’s letters, blaming his brother for abandoning him. And then Itaru dies in a car accident a few months later, clutching one last letter meant for Hajime.
What did Itaru want to get off his chest? What part did Ryouta play in Itaru’s death? And who is this mysterious novelist who may just be Hajime’s salvation?
All this and more will be revealed in this stunning debut work by Kentaro Matsumoto.