Suguro Chayamachi

Chayamachi's Collection: BLANC

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Alt.Title: 茶屋町勝呂作品集・シロ / chayamachi suguro sakuhinshuu shiro

White is passion, a color that won’t yield to even the slightest imperfection.

From manga artist Suguro Chayamachi comes BLANC, a collection of six very unique short stories. 

A young man takes it upon himself to find a lost cat’s home. Two delinquents bond after one has a near-death experience. A boy discovers the joys and pains of first love. One punk makes a dark decision to cover up his tracks. A familiar face has one teenager remembring the past. At a Yakuza funeral, loyalty to a friend struggles with loyalty to the whole.

Chayamachi’s stories explore that which makes humans so imperfect: friendship, love, and heartbreaking regret.