Toshiki Kusanagi

Boy's Evolution Theory Plus Vol. 3

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Alt. Title: 少年進化論 Plus Shounen Shinkaron Plus

In this emotionally distressing continuation, the meek and mild Sana Fujisaki trudges through everyday life while his father, Naoki, continues to masquerade as the sensational pop idol known as Aso Mizuki. While the entire world sees the sweet and bashful young kid known as Aso Mizuki, Sana is privy to Naoki’s true nature: a bitter, unappreciative, and surly middle-aged man. The peaceful life Sana’s lived thus far begins to teeter when one of his classmates realizes that he looks exactly like Aso Mizuki. His teetering life takes a nosedive when Sugino ceases to be Aso Mizuki’s manager.