Ikue Ishida

All The Time

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Alt.Title: 初・夏物語 放課後の職員室 1 / hatsu: natsumonogatari houkago no shokuinshitsu 

Mr. Kawase’s life turns completely upside down when fellow teacher, Mr. Kazama, confesses he’s in love with Kawase! Kawase is a high school art teacher who has never once fallen in love. So when handsome goofball Kazama asks him out, Kawase agrees, thinking Kazama is just up to his usual pranks, but he soon realizMieko Koidees Kazama’s declaration of love is no joke. Through a series of exciting and sometimes heart-breaking encounters with his colleagues and students, Kawase learns what it means to love and be loved, and how to live with a love and life not readily accepted by society.