Sho Hidaka

All Purpose Chemistry Club! Vol. 3

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Alt. Title: 万能化学変芸部! / Bannou Kagaku Hengeibu!  

Adventure ensues in the final volume of All Purpose Chemistry Club as Keyaki enters into a competition to save his family’s store. Inugashi enlists Ipponsugi’s help in creating a stuffed animal, but is there more to this recipe than meets the eye? And Ipponsugi’s class is holding a café for the school festival. Not even sickness will keep Ipponsugi from attending…and seeing Akiyama in a maid’s outfit. Kyoko has just the remedy! And later, Akiyama makes an interesting discovery. Furthermore, are the rumors of the fight between Takemiya and the President true? And why does Boss give Ipponsugi such detailed instructions on buying a watermelon? Finally, Boss makes a devastating announcement that sets the fate of the All Purpose Chemistry Club in limbo!