Sanae Rokuya


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Alt. Title: ノットフォーセール!/ notto fo seru

Mochizuki, an ordinary college student, is a late-bloomer when it comes to love. In contrast, his classmate, Ryuji, is a "man of the world!" He's a very popular "delivery host" (an escort, of sort) serving endless streams of customers. Ryuji openly admits that he would do it with anyone for money… except Mochizuki. "Not even for all the money in the world," he said! Does he really hate him that much?

"Not for sale" is a collection of stories of young men who find love where they least expect it: while working, at school, on/off stage, at a bar, or at home! Wherever it might be, the love they find is "not for sale"!

Also, as a special bonus, the whole ensemble comes together in a happily-ever-after extra!