Miyoko Satomi

Love Club Vol. 4

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Alt. Title: 羅武倶楽部 / Rabu Kurabu  

Souichiro Hino and Itsuki Aoyama finally have a handle on solving the mysteries plaguing Seika Academy. Their Love Club aka "Ghostbusters" has members with all kinds of skills to use against the spirits and demons that try to make their home at the school. But then Souichiro begins having strange dreams about a young girl who keeps trying to warn him of impending doom. The next thing he knows, Souichiro is being transferred to a new Academy where there is another Love Club that needs his and Itsuki's help. And what does this sudden transfer have to do with the Dragon Blade once owned by his father? All this plus volcanoes, earthquakes and elder demons no one should awaken...