Miyoko Satomi

Love Club Vol. 2

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Alt. Title: 羅武倶楽部 / Rabu Kurabu  

Souichiro Hino and Itsuki Aoyama and their Love Club, aka 'Ghostbusters,' think their biggest problems are solving and defeating The Seven Mysteries of Seika Academy. Souichiro sure thinks that enough for them to worry about. However, there seems to be more than seven mysteries. Not even Itsuki knows how many there may actually be, or when they might pop up and suck them into another dimension. On top of all that, there are the mysteries that come to visit on their own.

First, there is the new school doctor who turns out to be a flesh eating demon with family problems. And then, there is the ghost of a little girl chasing the ghost of a little kitten. Somehow, they are connected to the teacher that's gone berserk and keeps chasing Love Club members with a broom.

As Souichiro is in a near constant battle for his life and dodging the affections of all the wrong guys, he often wonders why his mother, world famous psychic, Souko Hino, thought this school was a good idea!