Kouko Agawa

Facing The Incoming Wind

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Alt.Title: いまに向かい来る風 / imani mukai kuru kaze

When we meet Makoto and Kei in "Love Soul", they've already known each other for years - now see how it all began! 

Makoto and Kei met at a biker-gang gathering. The free-spirited and feisty Kei quickly became Makoto's ideal. By the time both of them entered high school, they had become inseparable friends who always did everything together. But as girls begin to pay more attention to the two and to question Kei's public displays of affection towards Makoto, can Kei continue to keep up the facade of mere friendship? How will the more traditional (and somewhat clueless) Makoto deal with Kei's love confession?

In "Facing the Incoming Wind", Kouko Agawa paints the world of tough guys who love blazing through life on their motorbikes with the wind in their faces. However, they discover that facing a similar storm in matters of the heart is not as simple.

Find out what happens to this adorable couple with opposing natures in "Facing the Incoming Wind"!