To Sow A Seed

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Alt. Title: 種を蒔く人 / Tane o Maku Hito 

Minami fell in love with the beautiful but aloof dentist Kitagami, but was summarily rejected -- Kitagami just doesn’t date. An undeterred Minami continues his advances, determined to get Kitagami to take his feelings seriously. But whilst Kitagami continuously fights off Minami’s advances, his meddling twin sister Hana and the artful lawyer Itoda seem to be working on Minami’s side!

To Sow A Seed is a heart-warming and funny story about love and pain. The key to Kitagami’s cold, aloof heart lies in understanding his painful past, but will Minami realise the truth about love and relationships in time to salvage his efforts at building a relationship with Kitagami?