Himeko Shindo

Kids Are Doing Fine Today!!

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Alt.Title: 子供達は今日も大変!! / Kodomotachi wa Kyou mo Taihen!!

Issei finally becomes intimate with his younger brother Kouyoh, under the guise of helping him forget about the earthquakes and lightning Kouyoh is so scared of. But even after cementing their relationship, trouble brews as Issei is met with many rejections and even violence from his new lover, who is quick to fight and quite shy in matters of love. And is all really safe, especially when older brother Mutsuki hears of it? Not to mention the appearance of a potential rival for Kouyoh’s affections! Will Issei’s troubles never cease?

Included in Kids Are Doing Fine Today!! is a one-shot bringing two childhood friends back together—even if one of them scarcely remembers the other! When friendly Rion tries to befriend the delinquent Kagura for the second time in his life, Kagura ignores him. But as he finally gets fed up with Rion following him around, he invites Rion up to his room and…kisses him?! Does he really remember Rion after all?