Kotetsuko Yamamoto

Blooming Darling Vol. 1

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Alt. Title: 満開ダーリン / Mankai Darling

Takashi has been dating Haruhiko, his boss at the flower hall flower shop, for a week now, yet they haven't made any progress at all! Whether it's finally making love or moving in together, Takashi is scared of taking their relationship any further. It doesn't help matters any when their clueless coworker and his lover keep butting in to give him bad advice, but Takashi just can't help himself when his sneaky lover is so determined to have him. Would it really be so bad to give in and do all those scary things couples do?

Blooming Darling continues the sweet love story of Takashi and Haruhiko. Tears are shed and hearts pound while Takashi comes to terms with the more x-rated activities in their relationship, but Haruhiko is more than happy to lead the way as they learn to share their lives and love.