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Alt Title: Epigonen エピゴーネン

Satake is a talented and intelligent individual who, despite showing promise in the workplace, decides to live her life as a freeter. For the most part, Satake’s life is pretty carefree as she spends a majority of her time reading books.

However, when Satake’s friend Komori starts to have relationship problems with her current boyfriend, Satake’s life becomes anything but carefree.

Satake tries her best to comfort her distraught friend, but, at the same time, she can’t seem to understand why her friend would subject herself to these men? After all, what’s the point of loving someone if all it does is hurt you?

Is that really all there is to Satake’s feelings, though? And, what will happen when Satake realizes her feelings for Komori run deeper than she originally thought?

Page count: 38