Hakuba Run

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“Love, sadness, joy, suffering, and hope. Holding these various emotions within their hearts they gallop across the earth, through the springtime of their lives!”

Hakuba Aoi and Harinoki Renge are members of the Riding Club at Shirakoma Aademy. One day, while racing against her fellow club members, Aoi becomes witness to a ferocious bear attack. Unable to stand idly by, Aoi rushes in to save the poor defenseless girl.

However, who could have imagined that the bear was actually the girl's boyfriend!?

Out for revenge, Himekawa Azusa gives Aoi an ultimatum. Aoi and her club members can either participate in a cavalry tournament, or Aoi can agree to marry her. But, there’s a catch: if Aoi chooses to participate in the tournament and loses, not only will the school be forced to shut down, but all her friends (the horses) will be turned into horse meat.

Just what is Aoi supposed to do in this situation....

Page count: 56