Hideyuki Kikuchi, Saiko Takaki

Vampire Hunter D Vol. 3

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Alt. Title:      バンパイアハンターD (Manga)
The vampire-slaying hunter known only as “D,” with a reputation of taking care of business by way of the sword, is on another bounty run — this time to rescue the beautiful daughter of a wealthy village elder, kidnapped by the vampire Noble, Mayerling. But what happens when another group of bounty hunters have taken up the same assignment? Head of the notorious mercenary clan, the Marcus family, oldest brother Borgoff leads his not-so-merry band of ruthless renegades not only on a mission of pursuit and retrieval, but also on a path of destruction that’ll hopefully wipe out anything that gets in the way from their payday, including D.

But all is not what it seems with the vampire, Mayerling… In hopes to buy enough time to thwart his pursuers and escape to his secret destination, he enlists help from a safe haven village inhabited by mutant monster outcasts with daunting powers of their own.
What is the reason behind his taking of a prize he seems to hold most dear — is this really abduction or some strange form of vampire elopement? Is this vampire Noble, more than what he leads others to believe?

It is up to D to find the true purpose behind the chase and time is running out. But with so many obstacles against him, will he ever catch up before the “taken” will never be seen again?