Isino Aya

Tsubaki's Diary

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Alt. Title: 椿びより /  Tsubaki Biyori 

Tsubaki-kun’s life isn’t always an adventure, but he still manages to finds pleasure in everyday life.

“A tea stem is floating upright. This must be a sign of good luck.” Living by himself in the city, Tarou Tsubaki runs into his once-divorced childhood friend, Hiraiwa, who lives with his daughter, Fumio. Their unexpected encounter puts into motion many changes in Tsubaki’s life. Tsubaki-kun fits in perfectly with Hiraiwa and his daughter, and over time, colorful bonds begin to form between Hiraiwa’s family and Tsubaki. 

Tsubaki's Diary is a tender account of the vibrant and empathetic connections that form in everyday life.