Osamu Tezuka

The Euphrates Tree

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As the saying goes, "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," and that also goes without exception to three high school students, who set out on a science field trip and encounter the Euphrates tree, a tree that bores fruit that gives superpowers to anyone that eats from it. With the discovery of their new found supernatural powers, will they be able to control it, or will they themselves be out of control? 

Osamu Tezuka took a look at the fate of humanity in The Euphrates Tree, a missive about the damage mankind has done (and was on the cusp of in the cold war of the 1970's this story originated in) thanks to over-abundance of knowledge and an abuse of the great bounty nature offers. With the fate of humanity at stake, the trio of troublemakers must find the fault in one-another and prevent them from destroying the world. Tezuka brings the birthplace of mankind to the modern day in this moral masterpiece.

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Page count: 264 BW