Aki Arata

The Beautiful Skies of Houou High Vol. 1

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Alt. Title: 宝皇学園MiSORA組 / Houou Gakuen Misoragumi  

Houou High is a famous and incredibly prestigious all-boys school. It's also the stomping grounds for the sons of the most well-renowned families from all walks of life, which gives rise to rumors that it holds a monopoly on money and power. Our protagonist, Kei Saeba, ends up enrolling in this veritable garden of blooming amateurs due to her mother's guile. Now she must pretend she's a boy for three years or she "will be erased"!

Editorial Reviews:
"If the series stripped out the all of the random plans to destroy Kei and focuses on the dynamic between Kei, Yui, and Kousuke, I would like it better. And really, lighten up on Kei a bit! Constantly making the main character’s life a living hell can be funny, but there’s a bit of a mean streak in the series that I can’t completely get behind. Perhaps this series will redeem itself in later volumes, but this first volume is a little tough to actually find funny." - Manjiorin from OASG

"The art is good, and lots of little moments are funny. It’s your basic black comedy of lesbians [or bisexuals], boys and vicious cross-dressers."Otaku USA

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