Rihito Takarai

Seven Days: Monday - Thursday

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Alt. Title: セブンデイズ MONDAY→THURSDAY

It is rumored that Touji Seryou, one of the more popular boys at school, would go out with anyone who asks him out on a Monday morning. But on this particular Monday morning, the first person he meets at the school gate is no other than Yuzuru Shino, Seryou's sempai at the archery club.
On a whim, and well-aware of Seryou's reputation, Shino asks Seryou to go out with him. Thinking that it will be treated as a joke, they’re both guys after all, imagine Shino's surprise when Seryou takes him up on the offer!
There is a catch, though. While Seryou does go out with the first girl who asks him out on a Monday morning, the other side of the coin is - by the end of the week, he will break up with that person. In essence, Seryou is a lover with a one-week expiration date. But will Shino prove to be the exception to that rule? 

Editorial Reviews:
"So, who should read Seven Days? Definitely yaoi fans looking for a love story grounded in realism that is also sweet and melancholy and humorous and cute all at the same time. Also, romance fans looking for a couple whose relationship starts from an unlikely basis yet grows organically and beautifully like the one between Seryou and Shino over the course of a week. I certainly can’t wait to read the last couple days of hopefully their first week out of many as a couple." - NagareboshiReviews
"A sweet story of an unlikely courtship fraught with a little angst and a lot of ‘If I do this what will he do?’ The art is graceful, the boys are lanky and attractive, and even the girls are well drawn." - Otaku USA