Doromaru Numachi

Sana and the Summer of Happiness

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Alt. Title: 紗奈と幸せの夏

After a traumatic accident that causes her to lose all her memories, Hiro tries to make the most out of her day-to-day life. With frequent visits to the doctor and the rippling effects of the incident, it has been hard for Hiro’s life to resume to normal. Especially when she doesn’t remember what “normal” was like.
But her lover, Sana, has been very supportive since day one, reassuring her that the, “past doesn’t matter.”
Despite this reassurance, Hiro can’t help but feel like the past does matter. In an attempt to know more about life before, she looks for clues in her photo album. Her supportive lover however, doesn’t want her to find out. What exactly is she hiding from Hiro? Is it better know what life was like before the accident or is it best not to know?
Page count: 38