Sayaka Mogi

Red Riding Hood's Wolf Apprentice - Testament to the Moon -

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Alt. Title: Akazukin no Ookami Deshi -Tsuki e no Yuigon-  

Mani is a beastkin.
Wul is a hunter.
It was unheard of for their kinds to cohabitate...until now!

Even without being able to understand her, Wul the Red Hood takes Mani in after he finds her on a hunt. Risking his life and his reputation, he decides to raise Mani as his apprentice!
For what purpose?
And what worlds await them on their journey?

Mani and Wul team up to defy all odds in this drama-packed fantasy!

Prequel to Kodansha USA's Red Riding Hood's Wolf Apprentice

Page count: 95