Osamu Tezuka

Ludwig B Vol.1

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The cry of war comes soon from France, while a young boy destined for greatness simply cries in pain from a fateful strike to his head in Bonn, Germany. Ludwig van Beethoven will grow to become one of the most influential composers in a few short years, but in his early days, he was just a commoner trying to survive his days with an alcoholic father and a world that just hasn't discovered his greatness yet. In this age, he wasn't an influential composer: he was a young man simply named "Ludwig," which inspires hatred and fear from a certain nobleman, Franz Kreuzstein. Why does Franz have it out for all named "Ludwig," and can Beethoven survive this personal war he's deaf to?

Nearly 400 Kickstarter pledges and 200 years after his death, Ludwig van Beethoven remains an incredibly-influential figure worldwide, and fans made their voice heard: they wanted to see one of the final, unfinished works of a legend on par with Beethoven himself. Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Kimba The White Lion, Black Jack, Buddha) died before he could finished his biographical tale of the musical legend which adds a signature Tezuka flair, humor, and pathos to the tale of one the world's most pained and disparaged musicians of the 18th century. Witness the world that Beethoven came from and the conflicts he fought in a way that only the "God of Manga" can depict.

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