Kaworu Watashiya

Kodomo no Jikan vol. 7

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Alt. Title: こどものじかん / A Child's Time

What does fifth grade hold in store for our protagonists? Rebellion, romance and a run-away. As many students hit puberty, emotions are running high and conflict is not far behind. During these confusing times, Mimi experiences her first menstruation and Kuro struggles to cope with her mother's perpetual absence. Meanwhile, Rin questions Reiji's devotion to Aki-san and Aoki is forced to move in with the troublesome pair!

Kodomo no Jikan is a school life comedy by day, and a psychological drama by night. As Daisuke attempts to remedy the complex challenges his students face outside of school, the reader is forced to ask oneself, is Rin really just an innocent child? Or was Daisuke the innocent one after all?

Kodomo no Jikan sets itself apart from other manga by taking controversial themes that nobody has dared to touch, and spinning it into a positive light. Watashiya challenges the reader’s sense of morality. This is a highly recommended series if you like to explore unique subjects within literature. Best to be read with an open-mind.

Note: This is not the omnibus which is comprised of 2 - 3 volumes. This is a single volume eBook formatted the way the original Japanese volumes of KnJ were published.