Izumi Matsumoto

Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus Vol. 3

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Kyosuke’s made it to high school! Does that mean he’s finally got his love-life all figured out? A glamorous vacation promises to deliver some amorous answers…until hot rivalry has everyone running for the shade. Besides, who can relax when ghost or two threatens to make school an even scarier place than normal?!

Kimagure Orange Road dives in with adorable girls, amazing adventures, and the most annoying little cousin ever! Between camping trips, concerts, and cake-eating, Kyosuke and his friends make sure to fill every day with nonstop escapades! But is all of the fun merely a distraction when it comes to declaring your feelings for the perfect girl?

Get ready for the third—in a six-volume, omnibus edition, teenage drama series packed with love, romance, and a comedy of hi-jinks all rolled into one! Over 500+ pages of this classic 80’s favorite is here for the first time with the help of all our Kickstarter supporters!