Kaoru Tada

Itazura na Kiss Vol. 1

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High school senior Kotoko Aihara has had a crush on Naoki Irie since freshman year. Unfortunately, there a few things are discouraging her from to him: he's a member of "Class A," the top ranking class in school, whereas she's in "Class F"; he gets the top score on every exam; and he's so smart, popular and handsome that he's been class president every year. When Kotoki finally musters up the courage to present him with a love letter, though, Naoki outright refuses it, telling her point blank--with a look of disgust and boredom—that he doesn't like "stupid girls." Poor Kotoko's worst nightmare! Her heart is broken, but then a change in circumstance forces Naoki and Kotoko to be together every day...!

*Note: this is not the colored edition

Editorial Reviews:
"Overall there’s plenty to love here, if you’re looking for some classic light-hearted rom-com. I enjoyed this first omnibus, but it’s something I probably read occasionally and not clamor it as soon as it comes out. I do want to know how Kotoko and Naoki wind up together … or if their families will need to build an extra room for the baby." - Manjiorin from  OASG