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Happy Boys Bundle

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“Welcome home, madam!” For the patrons of Lady Braganza, an afternoon outing for tea and cake becomes an immersion in high-class lifestyle, where mannered servants attend to their each and every need. You see, Lady Braganza is a butler café, and the cheerful staff of Shiva, Renjo, Ivory, Silk and Eve are charged with the task of making each and every “sir” or “madam” feel like pampered royalty! Based on the hit TV series in Japan and featuring story and art by popular creator, Makoto Tateno (Yellow, Hero Heel), Happy Boys serves up a slice-of-life look at the hilarious goings-on behind closed doors at a butler café. Join this colorful cast of characters as they give it their all to please you!

What's included:

  • Happy Boys vol. 1
  • Happy Boys vol. 2

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