Mikiyo Tsuda

Family Complex

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Meet the Sakamotos... a typical, upper middle class family of six with one peculiar quality-namely, they're all uncannily good-looking! Everywhere the Sakamotos go, heads turn and people stumble all over themselves in reaction to their beauty. That is, except for one member of the clan-14-year-old Akira. At that awkward stage where teenagers feel out-of-place in general, Akira believes he's average in the looks department, which simply doesn't measure up. How can he be around his family when he feels like he's being judged against them all the time? Will Akira's complex about being "different" cause him to turn away from the people who love him most?

Mikyo Tsuda, creator of Princess Princess and The Day Of Revolution, paints a humorous, touching picture of adolescent angst and insecurity as she delves into the distinct personalities that make up this rather odd (but adorable) family!