Shigeru Tsuchiyama

King of Extreme Cooking Vol. 1

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Alt. Title: 極食キング / Goku-Shoku King

When the new, upscale Kuchifuku House eatery opens up right next door, Ryosuke Sakurai’s humble, run down ramen shop starts to lose the interest of its customers. His desperate situation leads him to a man named Toshizou Kitagata, a legend in the culinary world and evidently, the only man who can help turn Ryosuke’s failing business around. But it’s not just Ryosuke who’s in trouble, the mastermind behind the Kuchifuku House franchise is looking to take over ALL of Kyoto’s local eateries. What kind of have trouble is Kuchifuku brewing up in the culinary world and can Kitagata help defeat this cuisine behemoth? Find out with the first course of Gokushoku King. 

Dear Foodies,
It’s a smorgasbord of drama, action, passion for food, and best of all, a tantalizingly, delectable story that leaves you hungry for seconds.

Warning: pictures have been known to cause mouth-watering sensations. Do not read this manga on an empty stomach.