A Kiss And A Pair Of Handcuffs

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Alt.Title: キスと手錠 / kisu to tejyou

Kidnapping a man in the process of stealing jewels?! Kazutaka was asked to transport some jewelry by a friend, Shīno, a jeweler. Kazutaka got into an armored car dispatched by a security firm with his left wrist handcuffed to an attaché case. It should have been only ten minutes or so until the car got to the police station. But, alas! Kazutaka was kidnapped by terrorists who were after the jewelry! Then Ren came along. Ren was a proud craftsman who loved steel metal. Ren’s mission was to remove the handcuffs from Kazutaka. While he felt repulsed by Ren, Kazutaka could also not help but be attracted to him.