Osamu Tezuka

Under the Air

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Alt. Title:  空気の底 /  Kuuki no Soko  
From science fiction, historical fiction, to contemporary drama, Under the Air includes a variety of tales that depict the duality of man—good and evil; loving and violent.

An injured white-supremacist struggles with the fact that he was brought back to life by a black organ donor; a young man in the wild west seeks revenge for his father’s murder; an escaped convict holds a family hostage in a cave that causes hallucinations; the only two survivors of a nuclear apocalypse dare to explore the outside world—Tezuka’s characters are put to the test when the delicate balance of their minds are disrupted, discovering something dark hidden deep within themselves. Don’t miss this uncommon, unheard, unusual, out-of-the-ordinary collection of short stories by the late, great Osamu Tezuka.

Crowd-funded through the Kickstarter platform by the legion of Tezuka fans from around the world, support for the publication of Tezuka’s dark anthology works have been overwhelming. Originally published in the early 80’s, Osamu Tezuka’s messages hidden in his stories remain timeless for all generations to heed warning and to enjoy.


Page count: 296 BW