Osamu Tezuka

Swallowing the Earth

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Amidst the chaos of World War II, two Japanese sailors hear of Zephyrus, an utterly captivating woman in the South Pacific. Many years have since passed, and now Zephyrus has resurfaced in Japan, wielding her mysterious power over all men to exact revenge for their crimes against women since the beginning of time! Gohonmatsu Seki is the only man with the ability to resist her allure, but even he seems ill-equipped to save his gender!

Editorial Reviews:
"The work is not perfect, I still find the final chapter to be a rushed, anti-climactic mess and the chapter involving a young doctor using Dreamscape-like tactics to cure a woman from her inability to speak is more than a little absurd and out of place. Still, the comic is emotionally draining in some spots, funny in others and Tezuka’s view of human society is poignant. Though written in the late 1960s, his depiction of our civilization overcome by greed and power, stepping on or over those who get in the way, rings true today. Definitely one of my favorite comics by Japan’s renowned author and illustrator, Swallowing the Earth shouldn’t be missed." - einschewtoy via Wordpress

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