Osamu Tezuka

Brave Dan

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Hidden within the rural countryside lies the mysterious treasure of the ancient Ainu people. A few people know of it and hold the keys to unlocking it, but only Kotan, a child of Ainu descent, is the chosen one who can locate and inherit the treasure. When Kotan suddenly befriends a man-eating tiger named Dan, the unexpected pair find themselves tangled up in the most epic and dangerous treasure hunt of their lives. Their strength is tested as they battle criminals, murderers, and other unsavory characters who seek the treasure for themselves—but their friendship is tested when a crow warns Dan that Kotan will be the one to end his life. Can brave Dan and his best friend Kotan survive the trials that await them?

*Revised Edition - Retranslated and relettered. This versions is of a higher quality than the original DMG release. 

Page count: 256 BW