Kemuri Karakara

Countdown 7 Days Vol. 1

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Lonely Mitamura may be a teacher at the exclusive Sheol Soul School – an academy dedicated to the afterlife – but he has a lot to learn about human emotions and helping others. In fact, his star pupil Tsuru thinks she’ll teach him a little lesson by running off during a field trip in the living world. Now, Mitamura has only seven days to track Tsuru down with the help of a brand-new (deceased) sidekick. Will the clock run out before they find her?

editorial reviews:
"Countdown 7 Days was a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t read it in years and wasn’t expecting much, but it ended up being fairly entertaining and enjoyable despite a few bumps here and there. The short story, “Soothead,” showed some real potential and I’d love it if Kemuri Karakara ever saw fit to revisit and expand upon it! All in all, Countdown 7 Days, Vols. 1 – 3 ended up being an unexpected, enjoyable read!"  – Ken H. from  GoodComics