Fumi Yoshinaga

Antique Bakery Vol. 3

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The Antique Bakery is busier than ever, and the sweet smell of success means even more curious customers are rushing through the doors to sample the treats...including yet another mysterious stranger! This time around, it’s a dashing blonde businessman from Paris claiming to be Ono’s long-lost lover. Is he serving up the truth, or is something else on the back burner? Leave it to the staff (and two bodacious lady reporters) to get to the bottom of this deep dish.

At the Antique Bakery, the kitchen isn’t the only place feeling the heat...everyone’s got a story simmering, and love definitely adds a seriously spicy kick to the shop’s signature recipes. The misadventures of this crew of unique chefs are tantalizing, sometimes sweet and tart, but never flat. Take a seat and see what they whip up!