Osamu Tezuka

Alabaster Vol. 1

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A shocking display of racism ends athletic superstar James Block's life when the woman he thought he loved admits she only dated him because of his celebrity status, and she would never marry someone of his color. His rage and temper leads him to incarceration where he meets the mysterious “Dr. F,” a man who’s invisibility ray gun killed his daughter and led to the continued diminishing visibility of his granddaughter, Ami. Once freed from jail, James tracks down the gun and turns it on himself, but stops right before the he's fatally wounded. James can no longer be discriminated due to his skin color for he has none! He takes the nom de guerre “Alabaster” and his translucent tyranny begins with two goals: exact his revenge on his ex-girlfriend, and take on the similarly invisible Ami as his own ward. 

Written in a dark period of Tezuka's life, Alabaster is a thrilling revenge story that touches on the dark side of humanity and the extent one would go to get even. It shows that not only does it affect the victims, but how destructive it is to be surrounded by such animosity. How far will you go for retribution?

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Page count: 272 BW