Ako Katakura

The Red Rook, The Blue Bishop, and The Colorful Pawn

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Alt Title: 赤のルークと青のビショップとカラフルポーン

When Misao lost her virginity at age 14, rumors spread like wildfire and next thing you know, her friends become her bullies and the entire school mocked her. At her junior high school, the rumors were bad but when she went to an all-girls high school, they only became worse. At this point, she was labeled as a delinquent amid many other labels but that did stop Chiaki from helping her out in a time of need, nor did it stop her from becoming her friend. The gentle giant Chiaki was like a ray of sunshine for Misao. Could this be the start of something special or is Misao misinterpreting Chiaki’s cheerful attitude for love?

Page count: 30