Makoto Tateno

Red Angel Vol. 2

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Innocent Mika is puzzled by the number of people approaching her and willingly offering themselves up as prey! On her quest for answers, she stumbles upon a mysterious silver shop and soon discovers that Lucifer himself may have a hand in the madness. With her twin persona Eru guiding her from deep within, Mika must slowly untangle a web of secret alliances, street violence and bloodletting...but her hazy memories may rise to the surface and interfere with her true calling.

RED ANGEL reveals the twinned destinies of Mika and Eru, a young boy and girl who must discover their roles amongst the throng of well as their fates as creatures of the night! Though a true vampire is defined by its instinct to hunt and kill, sensitive Mika finds that she is somehow drawn to people and their suffering. What dark secrets lie in her well-guarded past? And which of the beings trailing after her is a true ally...or simply a devil in disguise?