Izumi Matsumoto

Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus Vol. 5

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A family with special psychic abilities is one thing…but what if they’re downright scary?! Kyosuke has to control his crazy crew and convince his gorgeous friend that a series of spooky visions are all in her head! Will peaceful times prevail…or will chaos once again erupt as tempers (and passions) flare?

Kimagure Orange Road celebrates the brand-new pains and sweet pleasures of teen friendship! What do a special stopwatch, a woozy kitten, and a tube of lipstick have in common? They’re all in the mix when Kyosuke and his posse of pals suffer through school, head to Hawaii, and happily hang out! But who will pair off into the perfect couple…and who will be left out in the cold?

Get ready for the fifth—in a six-volume, omnibus edition, teenage drama series packed with love, romance, and a comedy of hi-jinks all rolled into one! Over 500+ pages of this classic 80’s favorite is here for the first time with the help of all our Kickstarter supporters!