Izumi Matsumoto

Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus Vol. 2

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A battle of the bands means Kyosuke’s gang is ready to rock! But Kyosuke’s sure that no man can resist a cute girl who shines on stage, too. Can he stand the competition? Once the holidays arrive, good cheer takes over…until a certain meddling little cousin shows up. How will Kyosuke and his friends balance tough classes and even tougher crushes?

Kimagure Orange Road shakes up the spicy and the sweet to create a clever blend of schoolyard seduction and hilarious adventure! Whether he’s hitting the books or the ski slopes, Kyosuke’s unique two-girl problem has made it impossible to get a single moment’s rest. But when one of his closest friends packs up and decides to tempt the course of fate, will the frazzled boy finally turn into a truly decisive man?

Get ready for the second—in a six-volume, omnibus edition, teenage drama series packed with love, romance, and a comedy of hi-jinks all rolled into one! Over 500+ pages of this classic 80’s favorite is here for the first time with the help of all our Kickstarter supporters!