Minoru Murao

Knights Vol. 2

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In the kingdom of Excludo, there be witches. Faced with such abominations, the Inquisition has brought down fire and brimstone upon the entire kingdom. But things are not what they seem. In their zealous drive to become “saints,” priests have started to burn even innocent women at the stake. As the line between angel and demon becomes increasingly blurred, the Black Knight Mist takes sword in hand and champions the cause of the innocent; rescuing women, branded as witches though they may be. But the Black Knight is not without his own personal demons. In this second installment of the exciting medieval tale, Mist’s lady-friend Nina goes missing, while dark memories from his tortured past are brought to the surface. Unexpected help comes from a former adversary, and the self-confessed “true” witch Euphemia is always by Mist’s side, but will they be help enough for Mist to overcome a new assault from the Saints and win the battle within himself?