Izumi Matsumoto

Kimagure Orange Road Omnibus Vol. 6

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Talking statues and lingering love-triangles might meet their match if Kyosuke musters the spirit to stand tall! With everyone’s future in the balance, will he heed history’s warning and head in the direction of everlasting happiness…or is another disaster waiting in the wings (or a forgotten well)?

Kimagure Orange Road mixes sweet memories with giddy magic to create the perfect mix of romance and laughter! Will pop-star dreams and family history collide in an all-out race for an ideal future…or will Kyosuke turn the tides of fate and master his feelings in time to change everything?

Get ready for the last—in a six-volume, omnibus edition, teenage drama series packed with love, romance, and a comedy of hi-jinks all rolled into one! Over 500+ pages of this classic 80’s favorite is here for the first time with the help of all our Kickstarter supporters!