Ai no Kusabi, Bad Teacher's Equation, Bara, Blue Sheep, Border, Crossdresser, doukyuusei, Hey Class President, junai ero ki, Maiden Rose, Mister Mini Mart, Mr Mini Mart, Public Sex, Rihara, Saki Aida, Sakira, Seven Days, Tyrant, Yaoi -

Looking for BL~?

If you're looking for Yaoi, be sure to check out our sister site Juné Manga~!

About two years ago, DMI made the decision to create a dedicated site for Juné + 801 Media and move all our shounen-ai and yaoi titles over from eManga to the new webstore. 

There are still some shounen-ai titles located here on eManga but the majority of our titles can be found on Juné!